Light Fixture Installation

Lighting can impact the way each room in your home looks and feels. There are a wide variety of light fixtures available, in many styles, materials and finishes, but not all are equally well suited to every home. Based on your personal style, you may prefer some light fixtures over others. 也, different types and sizes of light fixtures will produce a different amount and type of lighting, making them more suitable for certain applications. Having the right level of brightness in each room of your home can make a big difference as to how much you utilize and enjoy the space. Conversely, the wrong lighting selection can result in shadows or reflections. Safety should always be considered, as well. 例如, a low-hanging light like a chandelier should not be installed over a bathtub. Similarly, hanging lights can be dangerous in young children’s rooms.

When selecting lighting fixtures, first consider the type of lighting that will be most important in the room. There are three main types of lighting:

  • Living room with ambient lighting from recessed ceiling lights.Ambient lighting – also called general lighting, ambient lighting refers to the primary light source in the room and should illuminate the space in a uniform, 柔和的光芒. A dimmer switch can be useful for regulating the brightness of the lighting. Recessed lighting or a large surface-mounted or semi-recessed ceiling light fixture are all good options for ambient lighting.

Luxury kitchen with under-counter task lighting and pendant lights over the island.

  • Task lighting – this type of lighting provides focused illumination where it is needed most. 例如, under-counter lighting above the kitchen prep area, wall-mounted goose-neck lamp for reading or computer work, LED lighting inside cabinets or closets, pendant lighting above a kitchen island or sconces on either side of a vanity makeup mirror.


  • Small surface-mounted light fixtures provide accent lighting for modern seating area.Accent lighting – this type of lighting provides a decorative illumination. 例如, track lighting or a chandelier to illuminate a dining area, picture lights to highlight artwork or wall sconces to add ambiance to a dining room.

Although lighting fixture vendors generally supply the required information for installation, it is best to get assistance from a professional. The main power in a house can be deadly. At Milton Electric, our licensed electricians are available to make lighting fixture recommendations. Our electricians will also ensure that your lighting fixtures are installed correctly and safely. 如果需要, we will also install decorative wall plates, adjust the chain length for any hanging fixtures and supply the correct wattage bulb for the light fixture.

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